PADI Discover Snorkelling (1/2 day)

Under the sea surface a world full of life and color with animals and plants so varied hides. If you want to discover its beauty yuo just have to dive with a mask with a snorkel and a pair of fins to enjoy exploring the seabed.

This activity called snorkeling is a source of emotions and surprises for the adventurous with the advantage that it can be done without special preparation.

Also get tone and sculpt muscles very efficiently moderating critical areas and combating cellulite

Snorkeling is the practice of swimming on the water surface with an underwater mask and a tube, and, usually, with fins. In colder waters a wetsuit is used generally neoprene. The combination of these tools allows the participant to observe aquatic life for extended periods and with relatively little effort. The mask protects your eyes water, allowing to have a good view of the seabed, and allows direct breathing tube, so that the person does not have to remove the head from the water and lose the vision of the fund and eliminate excessive movement in water.

The main attraction of snorkeling is the opportunity for the whole family to observe aquatic life in their natural habitat. This includes coral reefs and its residents, such as fish, cephalopods, starfish, sea urchins, and mollusks. Snorkeling in sandy areas may allow viewing of blankets, and various flatfish or other organisms such as seaweed, shrimp and turtles, as well as almost any other animal that could be found in the ocean depending on time and location. Many of the organisms that live in the reefs are wonderful and resplendent colors, which can make a very exciting experience.

An experienced guide will oversee always, will help to clarify points of interest and ensure their safety. We chose the site, preferably in the protected natural park “Maro – Cerro Gordo” on a daily basis to ensure the best conditions for visibility and security.

The requirements for participation are that participants can swim.
Children 12 years old or younger must be accompanied by an adult.

Advance booking is preferred due to the popularity of this activity and ensure their preferred date and time.


30 € for kids between 8-12 years

35 € for adultss