Your IDC for

JUST 900 euros

Date: From 30/10 to 9/11


IDC Course (Instructor preparation course)

Knowledge refresher course

Pre IE Exam (Which is very important to correct, if needed, your knowledge and theoretical preparation)

IE/IDC FEES not included

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All IDC & IE in Nerja-Málaga are a promotion,

because we have different offers!

From 30/10 to 9/11

The authentic IDC & IE with Nerja Dive Resort,

in Nerja-Malaga, where else?

PADI+IDC+July+2014%2C+Osan+ROK%2C+Rescue+exercise+7In Nerja Dive Resort we take our job very seriously. For more than 20 years ago, and we share your passion, diving.

For many years, we have offered PADI training for new professionals to a level that others can only dream of, with a share of 100% approved to date, not because the titles are given away. Our experience with an experienced team, make this combination a magic formula, the success your success!

If you are already a Divemaster or PADI Assistant Instructor, this is the time to take the plunge you always wanted.

If you are a diving center and have a candidate, it’s time your Divemaster or Assistant Instructor becomes a PADI Instructor .

 The best prices in Spain ! Get your seat today!

We want you to achieve your goal, and not at any price.

We offer YOUR IDC & IE at a respectful and adapted to the market price.

You must not only elect Nerja Dive Resort for its affordable price, but because we are one of the best diving destinations in Europe, Nerja, and are one of the oldest and recognised Diving Centers in Spain because ultimately your success depends on ours and vice versa. – Ask for Bernabé Jorge or Catharina Andreasson

And why in


Not only to save you money, which is important.

After more than 20 years of success in the diving industry and organizing IDC’s for 14 years, we propose YOUR IDC in the best destination in Europe for diving, Nerja. Not only for its exceptional stable climate throughout the year, water quality and infrastructure offered by the typical Andalusian village of Nerja. Nerja Dive Resort is in front of Playa Burriana and is an excellent position to enjoy both the course and everything that can offer a beach with all its activities, picnic areas, ext. The Hotel that offers its facilities for this event is very close and with exepcional prices. We offer everything you need in YOUR IDC & IE so that you enjoy it in the most pleasant and relaxed way as possible, with first class facilities.