Catharina Andréasson Toledo

Catharina Andréasson Toledo


Speaks Spanish, Swedish, English and German. First Aid.

Bernabé Jorge Toledo

Bernabé Jorge Toledo

PADI Master Instructor #926162

Speaks Spanish, English and basic Swedish. Basic Vital Support Instructor. Commercial Diver. EFR Instructor. EFR Instructor Trainer. Care for Children w/AED. Emergency Oxygen Provider. Basic Technician - Prevention of risks in maritime labour.. IAHD Instructor # 30363. Patrón Portuario. RYA Advanced Powerboat license - Commercially Endorsed.
Instructor Specialties: Drift, Night, Boat, Wreck, Deep, Dry Suit, Multilevel, Underwater Navigator, Underwater Photographer, Digital UW Photographer, Diver Propulsion Vehicle, Search & Recovery, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Enriched Air Nitrox, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, Project AWARE, DAN Oxygen Provider, Director Técnico Deportivo de Actividades Subácuatic.

Cecilia Jorge Andréasson

Cecilia Jorge Andréasson

PADI Open Water Instructor #270811

Speaks Spanish, English and Swedish. EFR Instructor. Care for Children w/AED. Receptionist/Public Relations.
Instructor Specialties: Peak Performance Buoyancy, AWARE Conservation of Coral Reefs, Project AWARE,
Specialities: Dry Suit, Night Diver, DPV, Equipment, Deep, Nitrox, Seasurvival.

Sara Jorge Andréasson

Sara Jorge Andréasson


Speaks Spanish, Basic English and Basic Swedish. First Aid.

Francisco Javier Fernández Jiménez

Francisco Javier Fernández Jiménez

Dive Master #309754

Speaks Spanish and Basic English. First Aid.

What we do

In Nerja Dive Resort we provide everything you need to fully enjoy diving, from the basics to advanced

How we do it

We have the best and most prepared team, the best tools on the market and most of the passion for the sport of diving

Nerja, a paradise

And all this in the best of places, Nerja. A natural paradise with lots of places to practice all forms of diving


Happy Clients


Working Hours




Completed Courses

Security and Law

Our boats are always manned by security personnel during the dives. Each staff member is fully qualified to handle a boat and trained in rescue techniques, oxygen and first aid. We always carry the necessary to provide oxygen and first aid on each output.

We do not allow a diver exceed the maximum recommended depth by the place has been formed. This is due in part to the fact that insurance coverage would be invalidated. We provide additional guidance to meet the needs of every diver depending on his experience.

The group attended by a guide never exceeds 6, and the maximum number of persons on board does not exceed 12, excluding staff.

AWARE Project Seabed Cleaning

Every year Nerja Dive Resort has the habit of organising a beach clean and seabed in collaboration with PADI Project AWARE, the municipality of Nerja, La Junta de Andalucía and picnic Burriana Beach establishments.

A lot of volunteers are involved in cleaning up our beaches of Nerja and the natural park “Maro-Cerro Gordo”. Ending the day cleaning everyone is given their respective diploma and then go on to enjoy paella and drink as always invite the picnic Burriana Beach establishments.